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Our BNB community is large, colorful, and full of diversity. BNB was founded in 2019 by people: Maximilian Oehl, Eva-Maria Thurnhofer, and Daniel Veldhoen. Since then, we’ve organized progressive change in politics with over a hundred committed volunteers. We provide a platform for political engagement, the mobilization of all our wonderful volunteers, the forging of political alliances, aligning BNB with the best strategy, and securing funding for our tasks and our coordination team, consisting of our Executive Director and Coordinators. Our BNB Fellows & Friends support us with their valuable expertise.

Our Team

Dr. Maximilian Oehl
Co-Initiator & Executive Director

Co-Founder Maximilian helped lay the groundwork for Brand New Bundestag in 2019 together with Eva-Maria Thurnhofer and Daniel Veldhoen. The documentary “Knock Down The House” about the American initiative “Brand New Congress” and its candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) inspired the Berliner-by-choice to found something for Berlin in Germany. The goal was and still remains: To promote sustainable politics in Germany and bring more Diversity into Parliament. As a doctor of law and a social entrepreneur, Maximilian wants to do his part for the sustainable future he believes in.

“The great change is full of opportunities – let’s seize it, for we have no time to lose!”

Samuel Brielmaier
Coordinator Political Strategy & Data

Samu is responsible for Data Management and Political Strategy here at BNB. A political and administrative scientist, Samu joined BNB very early on, in March of 2020. He is in charge of managing the overall political strategy that BNB will follow, as well as communicating with BNB Delegates and Candidates. He also coordinates all our data-gathering, and organization projects while analyzing and synthesizing that data for both BNB and our Candidates. Samu’s main goal is to increase the visibility of disenfranchised and underrepresented groups within the political arena.

“In the end, it’s really about who’s sitting there and whether they raise their hand or not.”

Maja Bisanz
Coordinator Communication

Maja has been a part of BNB since 2021. The Political Science graduate from Stuttgart has since done her part in various BNB campaigns and has been the head of the communications team since September of 2021. She coordinates the BNB social media presence, press relations, our newsletter, and content for our BNB website. Prior to joining us, Maja worked in the communications department of a professional political entity as an editor, where she gained much experience as a political communicator. Maja would love to see MPs with different biographies and perspectives in Parliament.

“People from all social groups should feel represented.”

Kerstin Schiewietz
Coordinator Community Development

Kerstin joined Brand New Bundestag in November of 2020. With extensive experience from other volunteer-based organizations, she helped the initial build-up of the campaign team at BNB and led the TOP50 Progressives campaign, among other such projects. Meanwhile, this political scientist also coordinates Internal Operations. This means organizational development, volunteer management, the website and IT team, and the accounting team as well. Through her work, Kerstin wants to motivate people to get involved in politics, and support them as they tackle those sociopolitical issues.

“It takes future-oriented vision to see what a sustainable and socially just society could look like – but more than that, it takes us all to make it a reality.”

Paul Wunderlich
Institutional Partnerships Lead

Paul is the NBB’s Partnerships Coordinator, working to build bridges and new kinds of alliances between civil society and parliaments. In this role, he is primarily concerned with putting the organization on a secure financial footing. He pursues the question of how we can transform social modes of relating not only at BNB, but also in his master’s degree in sociology.

“Make Space, Take Space. Let’s seek new forms of cooperation and show that a good life is possible for all.”

Finja Pollen
Operations Lead

Finja has been a longtime member of BNB, joining in March of 2021. Since then, she has been responsible for managing Education and Events and organizing numerous workshops for both volunteers and BNB Candidates. She does this work in parallel to continuing her studies for a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Economics, Philosophy, and History.

Kenza Cherfouf
Assistent to Coordinators

Kenza has been active at Brand New Bundestag since January 2022. The high school graduate supports the coordinators as an assistant in their respective areas. She also works in the communications team, where she was responsible for the communication of the Brand New Agenda, among other things. What Kenza likes most about working at BNB is that people with very different biographies have the opportunity to play a political role.


Trang Nguyen
Lead Designer

Whether working on our Website or on our social media channels, anyone who works with BNB can appreciate her work. Trang handles all our Design issues and BNB’s corporate identity. As a student of Communication Design, she joined BNB in October of 2020, and since then, her role has expanded within our community.

Through her political engagement, Trang just wants to get “really involved and help drive change”

If you have any suggestions or comments on our design, you are welcome to contact Trang herself!


Paul Kliesch
Scouting Lead

Paul earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics in Amsterdam. There, he was always haunted by the question of how to support people from underrepresented groups without prescribing content himself. BNB is part of the answer for him. Here he has been supporting the Political Strategy and Data department since summer 2022 and now also coordinates the scouting and support of our candidates.

Jacob Mayer
Dual Trainee

Jacob has been studying Nonprofits and NGO Management at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld since the Fall of 2021. As a student, he has been a BNB Dual Intern since February of 2022. In practice, he supports BNB in various areas, wherever he’s needed, and thus learns much about the process behind a grassroots organization. As a student, political engagement doesn’t just mean cooperation with parties, but also with Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society, which Jacob believes should be included in the political decision-making process.

“The demands that have been formulated by growing political movements, which are finally being discussed amongst the public, must be implemented NOW!”

Hauke Siebrecht
Outreach Lead

Hauke has been studying European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Hague since 2020. For his compulsory internship, he decided to work at BNB to gain insight into the work of a political NGO. He has previously supported BNB as a volunteer.

“BNB has a great community and serves a good cause. If I’m going to intern, I’m going to intern where I like it!”

Daniel Veldhoen

David Veldhoen is the third Co-Founder of BNB. Artistic Director of the Münchner Kammerspiele, and a longtime friend of both Maximilian and Eva-Maria, he and his fellow Co-Founders laid the foundations that BNB would grow off of. Since the 2021 Bundestag elections, he has taken a more advisory role.

Eva-Maria Thurnhofer

Together with Maximilian Oehl and Daniel Veldhoen, Eva-Maria Thurnhofer helped initiate what would become Brand New Bundestag in the spring of 2019. As a graduate of business administration, she brings many years of experience in political communication. Until the end of 2021, Eva was the operational manager for BNB alongside Max. Since November of 2021, she has taken an advisory role in assisting Brand New Bundestag while also working full-time in Developmental Cooperation.

Max Montgomery
Expert Political Strategy

Max is one of the brains behind BNB’s strategy when pursuing political endeavors. Pursuing his doctorate as well as working as a consultant in Developmental Policy and Governance, Max has been heavily involved in the drafting of many of our Demands since our inception and helped shape the fundamental goal and growth of BNB. Whether on paper or in the streets, Max brings energy and expertise to the progressive cause.

With your support, we can grow as an organization and make even more happen!

The best feeling is being able to have a direct impact, even though I’m young and aren’t a member of any party!

Finja Pollen | Professional Development Expert

Fellows & Friends

Anna Dushime

Journalist, Editor-in-Chief, Podcaster

Twitter | Instagram

Kübra Gümüşay

Speaker, Journalist, and Author of “Language and Being”

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Melanie Stein

Psychologist, Journalist and Founder of the Wir Sind die Osten (We are the East) Initiative

Twitter | Youtube

Raúl Krauthausen

Inclusion Activist, Founder of Social Heroes, and Author of “How Can I Make a Difference? The Power of Constructive Activism”

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Shai Hoffmann

Social Entrepreneur, Activist, and Editor for Demos Mag

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Markus Sauerhammer

Social Entrepreneur


Martin Fuchs

Political Consultant Speaker, and Blogger

Website | Twitter 

Christoph Jaschke

Care Enthusiast and Founder of Cody Care


Emilia Roig

Political Scientist, Author, and Activist. Founder of “Center for Intersectional Justice” e.V. (2017)

Website | Instagram | Twitter

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