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Press Coverage

Brand New Bundestag goes Landtag

Frankfurter Rundschau | 19.01.22

Rupy David gets support because she is new

Kölner Stadtanzeiger | 24.01.22

Party doesn't matter, the main thing is progressive: How Brand New Bundestag wants to make politics more colorful

Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland | 26.09.21

Initiative for more diverse parliaments: potential for solidarity

TAZ | 29.07.21

Initiative for the federal election: More successful than the model from the USA

Frankfurter Rundschau | 05.10.21

How can the German Bundestag become more diverse?

Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung | 31.01.21

Image & Sound

Germany: a youth cure for the Bundestag

Arte | 21.07.21

Real life: Politics - a hell of a job?

Das Erste | 22.08.21

The Brand New Bundestag Movement

Phoenix | 02.09.21

Young, loud and yet sensible - the new political power

HR2 Kultur | 18.10.21

Renewing the Bundestag: How one organization is fighting for more diversity

BR2 | 04.10.21

Mixing up the parliament politically

Deutschlandfunk Kultur | 14.03.22

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