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  • We fight for a society where people collectively and courageously shape their future. 

    For a society that includes everyone.

  • We fight for the right to equal opportunities and individual participation.

    For a society that reflects on its own actions and is aware of its global significance.

  • We advocate for a European society that protects diverse identities and is open to everyone.

    For European politics that see sustainability as the guiding principle in all areas.


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1. Empowerment: We support candidates on their journey to our parliaments

We support people who want to bring progressive ideas into politics and run for political office. We particularly focus on those who have been underrepresented in politics. To do so, we offer strategic advice, support in press work and social media, as well as regular workshops on campaign-relevant topics.
You can nominate candidates anytime here.
With this work, we have already brought various progressive minds into the Bundestag and various state parliaments!
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2. Change: Our Movement Politics platform for cross-party and sustainable politics

We bridge the gap between politicians from different democratic parties and civil society. Our goal: cross-party cooperation where the voices of society are also included in political decisions! Content rather than party affiliation is the focus here.
At the federal level, our platform already includes over 35 members of the Bundestag from various democratic factions as well as numerous civil society opinion leaders and organizations. Together, we initiate and coordinate political actions to find bold solutions to the pressing issues of our time!
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3. Community: Together we can make a difference

BNB is largely driven by volunteers! In various roles, they support us in promoting progressive, future-oriented politics and collectively strive for representative parliaments. Through this voluntary work, everyone can directly experience what it means to run for political office and further strengthen political engagement.
It is important for us to enable low-threshold participation with maximum impact and to respond to the different life realities of our volunteers through agile collaboration.
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