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The new traffic light coalition has promised a new beginning. Now it must also deliver. We are reviewing it: clearly, transparently and fairly.

The coalition agreement comprises 177 pages, more than 600 lines and over 51,000 words.  The contract is long, complexly written and sometimes very vaguely formulated. Because we want to make politics easily accessible to everyone, we have read the contract in its entirety for you and worked out the most important promises.

What has the government promised YOU?

You can look at the promises in the policy areas that interest and concern you. From digitalisation to equality to education – whatever you care about!

Track the implementation!

For each promise, we continuously update its status. Whether not yet started, completely or only partially implemented, or completely failed – you can see at a glance what’s going on.

Let’s talk about Results!

You can simply export every promise as a sharepic and share it, no matter whether it’s an Insta-story or a Whatsapp family group. Let’s talk more concretely about policy results and less in empty words and phrases.

The BNB Government Tracker presents the government’s key promises clearly by policy area, including original quotes from the treaty. With this tool, we, the civil society, want to give all citizens a quick overview of the government’s plans. We take a close look at whether a project has already been initiated, whether it has been successfully implemented or whether it has failed. With the help of a simple overview, it is immediately recognisable in which phase a promise is! In this way, we enable transparent tracking of government promises at all times!

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