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Die Brand New Agenda is here!

The future starts today. Have a look at our program.

With the Brand New Agenda, we are developing a shared and far-reaching vision for society in order to demonstrate that there is a broad consensus among progressives on the relevant issues. We want to show that Civil Society is ready for the transformation and wants to tackle it courageously.

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The Brand New Agenda is a joint and far-reaching program for the future of our society. It is developed and presented jointly by an alliance of Civil Society Organizations. At the same time, we are integrating the development of the Brand New Agenda with MPs from our network right from the start. For we are certain that the challenges of our time require new, pragmatic alliances and an unprecedented level of collaboration. Innovative processes and formats make bold, revolutionary decisions possible.

The Brand New Agenda will primarily formulate the goal of political action. This means: We define where we need to get politically in order to live in a future-proof country. The steps we take towards achieving this goal are subordinate to this and will only be included in the agenda if the issue is particularly significant and there is unanimous agreement. In concrete terms, we will end up with a 15-page document in which these policy goals are defined according to thematic areas.

We are living in a time of repeated crises, and at the same time, our current policies are not fit for the future. We are sliding full speed ahead into the climate crisis, rent is skyrocketing, digitalization is lagging far behind, and our energy and security policies need to be revisited, now more than ever. It’s also completely unclear whether young people will ever get a decent pension.

Our political system is failing to find long-term solutions to these 21st-century challenges. Yet experts from Civil Society are proposing innovative solutions time and again. But instead of initiating the necessary change, politicians too often agree only on cosmetic solutions.

The process of developing the Brand New Agenda is already underway. As part of a large-scale project with many volunteers, we identified all relevant non governmental actors in Germany for each policy issue, researched their demands and then compiled them into policy goals.

With this first draft, we will enter into an exchange process with many organizations in July and August in order to build the broadest possible alliance within Civil Society. We gather the relevant activists and support them on their way to common solutions. Instead of small-scale debates and isolated thinking, we are creating a pragmatic space across political lines.

In early September, we will publish the Brand New Agenda along with a major awareness campaign to demonstrate to the Bundestag in time for the start of the budget negotiations on September 6: Our current policies are not sustainable – we as Civil Society demand as a unified voice that we boldly tackle the challenges of our time! 

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We are transcending the outdated mindset of the street versus Parliament. The politicians of the future will work together instead of against each other. Future-proof concepts for the climate, sustainable energy supply, security, migration, and housing policy must be developed collaboratively. That’s why we combine the expertise and energy of the street with parliamentary know-how and break new ground together. In other words: We bring Movement Politics to Germany!

That’s why we ensure constant feedback with progressive parliamentarians from our network already during the development of the Brand New Agenda. The result is strategical, pragmatic, and non-partisan cooperation that allows us to move mountains. For you. For me. For all of us

We raised the required funding to develop the Brand New Agenda through crowdfunding, with over 1750 people donating in May.

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Brand New Bundestag (BNB) is an independent and non-partisan grassroots organization – we are 150 committed people working tirelessly to bring a breath of fresh air to politics. We have made it our mission to make our parliaments more diverse and politics more progressive.

For the 2021 Bundestag elections, as a non-partisan initiative, we have promoted ten promising candidates, four of whom are sitting in the Bundestag as members of parliament thanks to our support – a huge success! Rasha Nasr, Armand Zorn, Kassem Taher Saleh, and Lena Werner form the “Squad” and are now fighting together with us in parliament for progressive people.


In addition, before the Bundestag election, we awarded the “TOP50 Progressives” – a list of 50 pioneers for forward-looking politics. 29 of them are now members of the Bundestag and an active part of the Brand New Bundestag political platform.

We support the demands of Civil Society and remain independent of major donors. Help us - every cent counts!

Engagement with Brand New Bundestag

If you share our values and vision, you’re already part of it! You can become part of our social media community, discuss issues, promote candidates, and most importantly, talk, talk, talk. We also provide updates on issues through our newsletter. If you want to get actively involved, nominate people yourself or crowdfund for them, you can find everything else here. Let’s build a Brand New Bundestag together!

Do you enjoy bringing people together? Are you creative? Are you passionate about politics or an expert on a particular topic? Would you like to get involved, but don’t know how? Then get in touch with us and work with many exciting people in one of our local Berlin teams or across Germany. Depending on your time availability, we will find the right engagement for you! Just write to us at [email protected] or sign up here directly as a volunteer! We are looking forward to meeting you!

In view of the pandemic, communication currently takes place primarily online via our Slack. Each person can contribute what they want. This can be in the area of public relations, social media, organizational development, fundraising, networking or the like. The Coordinators will look with you to see what support is needed and where you can make the biggest impact. If you have ideas about how you’d like to get involved, just write to us at [email protected].

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Auf dem Bild sieht man den Umriss von einem lilanen Lautsprecher.

The Brand New Agenda is here!

The future starts today. Check out the future programme for everyone here. 

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