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For Brand New Federal & State Parliaments

Following the success of the BNB candidates in the 2021 Federal Elections, we are now taking our concentrated progressive power to the countryside. For the state elections in Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Lower Saxony, we received 40 nominations in response to our call. After many hours of interviews and panel discussions, we have found the people we want to see in our State Legislatures, to represent our Republic.

They have the energy, courage, and unbridled willpower it will take to face the challenges of our time. They are the people who can bring about the change we need, and find those better solutions that keep all our people in mind.

In the meantime, BNB is also already represented in the State Assemblies of North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein with Antje Grothus and Nelly Waldeck.

We offer these candidates strategic advice, connections to the press, and workshops on essential political, organizational, and campaigning know-how. When possible, we provide volunteers who can supplement and expand the candidate’s team.

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State elections Bremen

Hier siehst du Hetav Tek eines unserer Mitglieder der Landtage.

Hetav Tek

CDU | Postition 20

Hetav Tek is 40 years old and is running for the CDU in the Bremen 2023 parliamentary elections. The family support worker has been committed for decades to the equal participation of young people, especially young people with a migration history. Other issues close to her heart include the fight against right-wing extremism, the strengthening of (international) youth work and the culture of remembrance in the migration community. Hetav is running for 20th place on the CDU state list. 

You can find out more about Hetav on Instagram.

Das ist Charlotte Schmitz, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bürgerschaftswahl 2023 in Bremen.

Charlotte „Charlie“ Schmitz

Die Linke | Position 32

Charlotte Schmitz is standing for Die Linke in Bremen’s parliamentary elections. The 26-year-old student focuses on the issues of health and care policy as well as the “Caring City of Bremen” and the concerns of homeless and houseless women. Now the time has come for Charlotte Schmitz not only to make demands on politicians, but also to shape the decision-making process herself. Charlotte is running for 9th place on Die Linke’s state list.

You can find out more about Charlotte on Instagram.

State Election of Bavaria

Das ist Julia Post, eine unserer Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl 2023 in Bayern.

Julia Post

München-Pasing Constituency | Alliance 90/The Green Party | List position pending

Julia Post is running in the Bavarian capital of Munich, in the constituency of Munich-Pasing, for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in the state elections in October 2023. Julia’s main focus is, among other things, an economic policy with a future. For her, this includes in particular the circular economy, a healthy and diverse working world, and digitalization that also frees our administration from bureaucracy and enables it to provide real services.

You can find more about Julia on Instagram, her website and Twitter.

Das ist Valentin Weigel, einer unserer Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl 2023 in Bayern.

Valentin Weigel

Rosenheim Ost Constituency | Alliance 90/The Green Party | Position 30

Valentin Weigel is running for the state elections in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria, on behalf of Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen. The main topics of the 30-year-old lawyer are domestic policy, consistent climate protection and anti-discrimination. In the state parliament he wants to strengthen the back of the people who go for strong climate protection on the streets. To this end, he wants to introduce a Freedom of Assembly Act and remove the unconstitutional Bavarian preventive detention from the Police Tasks Act. He also wants to advocate for a statewide €29 ticket, the expansion of cycling, and a statewide anti-discrimination agency.

More about Valentin on Instagram

Das ist Sea Altmann, they kandidiert für die Landtagswahl 2023 in Bayern.

Sea Altmann

Mühldorf Constituency | SPD | Position 19

Sea Altmann is 28 years old and identifies as non-binary (Sea’s pronouns are they/them and are also used that way in our communication to Sea). They are running for the SPD in the constituency of Mühldorf in Upper Bavaria for the Bavarian state parliament and can be found on the SPD’s Upper Bavarian list on position 19. Seas’ main topics include anti-fascism, a socially just policy that forgets no one, as well as feminism and queer politics. Sea’s issues as a whole derive from their core values.
Sea has been politically active for some time – for example as spokesperson for political education for the Jusos Bayern.

More about Sea on Instagram and Twitter.

Das ist Steve Brachwitz, einer unserer Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl 2023 in Bayern.

Steve Brachwitz

Cham Constituency | SPD

Steve Brachwitz is running for the SPD for the Bavarian state parliament in Cham in the Upper Palatinate. The 33-year-old nurse’s main areas of focus include healthcare policy as well as energy and education policy. Politically, Steve wants to advocate that private clinics be remunicipalized, health care facilities be adequately financed, and health care be understood as a means of existence. He is also in favor of abolishing the 10-hour rule for wind turbines and expanding the grid quickly. Strengthening early childhood education and abolishing baseless fixed-term contracts for teachers are also on his political agenda.

You can find out more about Steve on Instagram and his website.

Das ist Luisa Haag, eine unserer Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl 2023 in Bayern.

Luisa Haag

Kelheim Constituency | SPD | Position 5

Luisa Haag is running for the SPD in Kelheim in Lower Bavaria for the Bavarian state parliament. The 28-year-old teacher of German, history and politics & society wants to campaign in the state parliament in particular for comprehensive health care in rural areas and a reform of the school system and teacher training. She is particularly concerned about a change in the transfer procedure and equal pay for teachers, regardless of the type of school.

Luisa is running for 5th place on the Lower Bavaria district list.

More about Luisa on Instagram and Twitter.

Das ist Anna Rasehorn, eine unserer Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl 2023 in Bayern.

Anna Rasehorn

Ausgburg-Ost | SPD

Anna Rasehorn is running in the Augsburg-East constituency for the SPD in the state election. The 31-year-old geriatric nurse and mother is particularly concerned with the issues of family-friendly Bavaria, the traffic turnaround and affordable housing. She wants to campaign in the state parliament for more daycare places and an improvement in the working conditions of educators, as well as the recognition of care work. Anna also wants to push for a change in transportation by expanding public transportation, introducing a 365-euro ticket, and promoting the Bavarian bicycle network. Affordable housing must, in Anna’s opinion, be promoted with cooperative and, above all, communal building. In addition to her job, Anna is politically and civically active in various associations.

More about Anna on Instagram and Twitter.

Das ist Johannes Hunger, einer unserer Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl 2023 in Bayern.

Johannes Hunger

Landshut | Alliance 90/The Green Party | Position 4

In Landshut, Lower Bavaria, Johannes Hunger is running for the Bavarian state parliamentary elections on behalf of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. The 21-year-old student of international industrial engineering is primarily concerned with the issues of climate and energy policy and the promotion of democracy. Even before joining the Greens, Johannes Hunger was active in climate policy with Fridays for Future. One of his heartfelt issues is the question of generation-appropriate final storage of nuclear waste in Germany.

Johannes is running for 4th position on the Lower Bavaria district list.

More about Johannes on Instagram and Website.

We have already brought these candidates into the Bundestag or into State Assemblies:

Hier kann man die gewählten MdLs und MdBs sehen, die von BNB unterstützt wurden. Stand Januar 2023. Das beinhaltet Kassem Tahir-Saleh, Rasha Nasr, Lena Werner, Armand Zorn, Nelly Waldeck, Antje Grothus und Djenabou Diallo-Hartmann.

Monthly Updates on our Candidates

Alumni & Alumnae

We have supported these politicians in the past.

State elections Lower Saxony

Das ist Besian Krasniq, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl in Niedersachsen.

Besian Krasniq

Bersenbrück Constituency | SPD | Postition 72

Besian Krasniq (25) is hoping for a seat representing his home district of Bersenbrück, as a member of the SPD.

The main focus of this young, Lower Saxony Socialist Co-Chairman is domestic and financial policy, especially in regards to the police and racism. He wants to focus on addressing racial profiling and streamlining the asylum and migration process. Besian also wants to take a more active role in the structural redevelopment of Lower Saxony by making the automotive industry climate and future-proof whilst also securing newer and safer jobs in the region. The BNB jury was won over by Besian’s passionate commitment and obvious motivation for fair and non-discriminatory bureaucracy, with express consideration towards the Police and Immigration Offices. In addition, they were impressed by Besian’s self-image as someone who actively seeks to represent those who are unrepresented-especially the younger strata-and fights for their cause.

Read more about Besian on his Instagram and Twitter!

Das ist Faruk Maulawy, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl in Niedersachsen.

Faruk Maulawy

Bremervörde Constituency | Alliance 90/The Green Party | Position 32

Faruk Maulawy is running for a seat representing Bremervörde, as a member of the Green Party. Faruk Maulawy’s main priority is Education Reformation, intending to achieve equal opportunities in practice.  Faruk also advocates for a new policy toward Islamic people. This policy should consist of a greater consideration towards the internal diversity of the faith – i.e. the many different cultures that practice – and the emancipation of German Islam from foreign organizations. Faruk convinced the jury with his wide-ranging commitment to progressive issues, especially his involvement in Students-For-Future on both a federal and local level. The BNB panel highlighted Faruk’s ability to drive progressive change in rural areas, where he resides, as reasoning for offering support to a worthy candidate.

You can find more about Faruk on his Instagram!

State Election of Lower Schleswig-Holstein

Das ist Maximilian Reimers, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl in Schleswig-Holstein.

Maximilian Reimers

Rendsburg-Eckernförde Constituency | The Left Party | Position 12

Maximilian Reimers has been active in Civil Society for a long time, continually fighting against the oncoming Climate Catastrophe. In particular, he is a proponent of a citizen’s energy transition. He also seeks to create an alternative to the large online trading platforms to strengthen local economies. The jury was convinced by his history as an activist and his motivation to get voices heard in the right places. They enjoyed his pragmatic approach to activism and power.

You can find out more about Maximilian on his Instagram and Twitter!

Das ist Tarek Saad, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl in Schleswig-Holstein.

Tarek Saad

Segeberg-East Constituency | SPD | Position 27

Tarek Saad fled Syria in 2014 and has worked in Germany for the promotion of Democracy ever since

His main focus has been Climate Change and Immigration Policy. Tarek won over the BNB jury with his reverence for the institution of Democracy and his indomitable will to preserve, protect, and improve it. His progressive ideas, such as including more of the population in the decision-making process, and moving from a Representative Republic to a more Direct Democracy also impressed the panel.

There is more about Tarek on his website, as well as his Instagram and Twitter!

State Election of North Rhine-Westphalia

Das ist Stefan Schneidt, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Stefan Schneidt

Gütersloh Constituency, Harsewinkel and Herzebrock-Clarholz | SPD

The Chariman of the Gütersloh Socialists sought a seat representing Gütersloh, Harsewinkel and Herzebrock-Clarholz, as a member of the SPD

Stefan Schneidt campaigned for Climate Justice. A climate activist who worked with Fridays for Future (Climate Conscious Organization), he demands that we take the ecological crisis seriously, and drastically rework our climate and energy policies. He is also a Political Science student with a focus on health and educational policy in addition to the aforementioned climate politics. Stefan convinced the Jury with his evident desire for non-partisan cooperation and his committed fight against the climate catastrophe.

To learn more about Stefan, check out his Website, Instagram, and Twitter!

Das ist Rupy David, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Rupy David

Leverkusen Constituency | Alliance 90/The Green Party | Position 39

Rupy David ran for a seat representing Leverkusen, as a member of the Green Party

Inclusion and Sports Policy are at the top of Rupy Davids’s list. As Deputy Spokesperson for the Federal Department of Sports Policy and Spokesperson for the Leverkusen District Association, she advocates for more equal rights. She also works under the party whip of the Green Party in the North Rhine-Westphalia State Assembly. With so many responsibilities, Rupy is more than just familiar with political and social challenges present in North Rhine-Westphalia. The BNB Jury was delighted by Rupy’s motivation to bring about lasting political change. In addition, she repeatedly demonstrated the positive impact her actions have on disadvantaged and disenfranchised groups.

There is more to be found about Rupy on her Instagram!

Das ist Melih Keser, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Landtagswahl in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Melih Keser

Duisburg III Constituency | Alliance 90/The Green Party | Position 47

Melih Keser ran for a seat representing Duisburg III as a member of the Green Party

Melih Keser has been involved in civil society for years with a commitment to social justice and anti-racism. He aims to represent and promote the diverse population of NRW. He also wishes to promote the walkability of cities and strengthen pedestrian traffic. The BNB Jury was taken about Melih’s open nature, as well as his desire to represent the whole of society, and represent those who have gone unrepresented.

For more on Melih, check out his Website, Instagram, and Twitter!

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Federal Elections

Das ist Charlotte Schmitz, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Dr. Franka Kretschmer

Bundestag | Magdeburg Constituency 69 | No Party Affilation

Franka Kretschmer is well known in Magdeburg for her numerous years of involvement in both the political and cultural scene. The Brand New Bundestag Jury was convinced, not only by her illustrious education – having received a Doctorate in Engineering, with a focus on the environment and energy technology – but also by her boundless will and optimism. While writing her Doctoral Thesis, Franka realized that there was just a lack of the political will necessary to prevent the worst effects of Climate Change. Since then, the scientist, activist, and mother has supported many important initiatives, including Bündnis Solidarisches Magdeburg (Anti Nazi Organization), Seebrücke (Pro Migration Organization), and Fridays for Future, and the newly established Platz*machen (Communal Area Organization). Franka Kretschmer is certain that new and innovative ways of citizen participation are needed in order to implement truly Just social reform. With her supporters, she fights for a future-oriented, science-informed policy that puts the people first.

Read more about Franka on her Website and her Instagram!

Das ist Kristina Jeromin, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Kristina Jeromin

Bundestag | Hessen Constituency 11 | Alliance 90/The Green Party

Kristina Jeromin impressed the BNB Jury with her experience, evident knowledge, and passion for a more sustainable fiscal policy. She advocates targeted, strategic financing as an essential lever for the social and economic transformation necessary for greater sustainability and thus, future viability. With ease and eloquence, she pointed to the financial dimension of any issue and the opportunities that a sustainable financial system holds for environmental protection, education, digitization, intergenerational justice, and social housing, as well as numerous other examples. In her opinion, it is important to bring Civil Society and Political Institutions closer together. She wishes to strengthen the belief in self-efficacy, and the importance of every individual, as well as the awareness that every individual can and should take responsibility for our future.

There is more about Kristina on her Website!

Das ist Behzad Borhani, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Behzad Borhani

Bundestag | Gießen Constituency 173 | Alliance 90/The Green Party | Position 12

Behzad Borhani faces the challenges of our time with a strong voice for sports, culture, and diversity, in order to foster a society open to all. Behzad has been active in sports politics from the local up to the federal level for years. A board member of Sportsjugend Hessen (Youth Sports Organization), he has initiated many projects against right-wing extremism and projects in support of integration and democracy. He has also consolidated and expanded the exchange with European partner regions. In addition, he has built himself an extensive network in the cultural scene, mostly through his work at the municipal theater in Gießen. To support his candidacy, he wants to use his vast experience to strengthen political participation and diversity using creativity and curiosity.

Follow Behzad on Twitter!

Das ist Lu Yen Roloff, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Lu Yen Roloff

Bundestag | Potsdam Constituency 61 | No Party Affiliation

Lu Yen Roloff is a part of the action. She is on-site, talks to the people, listens, and discusses. She knows that you can only truly understand something if you can take several differing perspectives into account. An activist working with Extinction Rebellion, Lu Yen Roloff knows how strong people are when they join forces. She wants to use that energy in her campaign, to boldly move forward and work with others to develop comprehensive solutions to problems, such as how to achieve that 1.5-degree goal. For her public-spirited political vision, she has a unique way of engaging with and empowering people. She also has the willpower, foresight, and courage to “just make things happen.” Her campaign slogan #EINFACHMACHEN (#JUSTDOIT) reflects these strengths.

For more about Lu Yen Roloff, find her on her Website and Instagram!

Das ist Edwin Greve, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Edwin Greve

Berlin House of Representatives | Berlin-Neukölln Constituency | The Urban Party

Edwin Greve impressed the BNB Jury with his quick-witted humor right at the first meeting. He is enormously passionate about fighting against racism and discrimination at the Migrationsrat Berlin e.V. (Migration Council) and as an expert in his field, has been doing important networking and educational work for years. We would love to see Ed Greve in the House of Representatives because we are convinced that he fights not in his own interests, but stands for others and strives to give marginalized groups a voice in the halls of power. In doing so, he is always clear and concise in recognizing problems and moving forward with proposed solutions.

Follow Edwin on Instagram!

Das ist Margaux Erdmann, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Margaux Erdmann

Bundestag | Braunschweig Constituency 50 | Alliance 90/The Green Party/ Position 15

Margaux Erdmann’s political priority lies in climate justice, democracy, feminism, and human rights. She stands against the divisions within society and wants to empower voters to use their right to vote to live in and defend democracy. Margaux is an active member of the Braunschweig Alliance against the Right and Braunschweig Anti-Discrimination Network. In 2018, she founded the Seebrücke Braunschweig (A subsidiary of the Seebrücke movement). As an activist, she seeks to carry these issues into the political arena and position herself as a proponent for social-ecological transformation, as well as a prominent defender of our democracy.

See more of Margaux on her Instagram and Twitter!

Das ist Marko Schmidt, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Marko Schmidt

Bundestag | Görlitz Constituency 157 | The Left Party | Position 12

Within his Constituency, Marko Schmidt fights for a society without discrimination, in which diversity and solidarity are deeply held values. To this end, he has had an active role in promoting social, ecological, and structural changes in the Lusatian coalfields. He makes use of his years of Civil Society experience to advocate for the development of rural areas and stronger citizen participation in democracy. Marko wants to address the wishes and needs of the people in order to combat the current disenchantment crisis. For Marko, political structures need to be redeveloped so that politics can be discussed on an equal level within Civil Society. With great skill in communication and a strong networking mindset, Marko is committed to ensuring that the citizens’ perspectives are given the platform they deserve within the Bundestag

Follow Marko on Instagram and Twitter!

Das ist Seija Knorr-Köning, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Seija Knorr-Köning

Bundestag | München-West/Middle Constituency 220 | SPD | Position 32

Seija Knorr-Koening is a candidate full of conviction. She argues for greater investment into the working conditions of nurses, and equal opportunity in healthcare and treatment, as well as against child poverty. A nurse and mother herself, she recognizes the need to further develop the welfare of the public, having firsthand knowledge and experience of the social injustice that can occur. For Seija, disenchantment with politics and susceptibility to right-wing populist views are linked directly with a fear of social degradation. For this reason, she stands for Distributive Justice, alongside an open society and Climate Consciousness.

For more on Seija, check out her Website, Instagram, and Twitter!

Das ist Paul Schilling, einer unserer Alumni Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Paul Schilling

Bundestag | Minden Constituency | SPD

The 18-year-old activist Paul Schilling plays an active role in the Fridays For Future movement and campaigns for a socially just, sustainable, and intergenerational solution to the climate crisis. BNB wants to work with Paul Schilling in order to help the younger generation have a voice in Parliament. He convinced the Jury with his progressive ideas, his energy, and his courage. Paul confronts political challenges in a targeted manner, with confidence in himself and others. He constantly questions the merits of the existing party structures. To incite change, he seeks to create a communicative, constructive exchange between people with respect on all fronts.

Follow Paul on Instagram!

Das ist Zandile A. Ngono, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Zandile A. Ngono

Bundestag | The Urban Party | Position 17

Zandile Ngono is a versatile candidate. Born in Gelsenkirchen, she has lived in several countries and worked with many different people. She can look back on jobs ranging from snack bars to star restaurants, and currently works as a personal Anti-Racism Coach. No matter the context, Zandile focuses on people and their stories. She wants to learn what moves people, what are their desires, and where does change need to happen to make life better? She invites people to participate in politics and constantly seeks out new are fervent supporters for her campaign. Together with her team, she fights for a better, safer, and fairer world for all people.

Das ist Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, eine unserer Alumnae Kandidierenden der Bundestagswahl 2021.

Philippa Sigl-Glöckner

Bundestag | München-North Constituency | SPD

Philippa Sigl-Glöckner convinced the Jury with her great skill in fiscal policy, her courage as a politician, and her creative and grand ambition. Her political work builds on a broad range of experience as a politician. She used to work at the World Bank, as well as an advisor to the Liberian government. Philippa is not only quick-witted and intelligent but also very resolute in her wish to make the world fair. She is aware of her own privileges, and we trust her to remain so and continue the fight for Social Justice.

More about Philippa Sigl-Glöckner can be found on her Website!

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