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Brand New Bundestag (BNB) is an independent and non-partisan grassroots organization that advocates for progressive, forward-looking politics. We support people who bring a breath of fresh air to Parliament with progressive ideas on their way into political office.

We want Parliament to represent all the people in our society. In order to build this reality, we build a bridge between civil society and politics so that the voices of movements are included in political decision-making. To this end, we create places of networking between different actors and ensure that we shape a future worth living together, with innovation and pragmatism.

For you.  For me.  For all of us.

Our candidates for the Bremen State Elections and the Bavarian State Elections are set!

*to support our progressive candidates

Hier siehst du ein Gruppenbild von einem Ausschnitt unserer Kandidierenden der Landtagswahlen 2023. Dazu zählen: Anna Rasehorn, Julia Post, Johannes Hunger, Luisa Haag, Sea Altmann, Steve Brachwitz, Valentin Weigel, Charlotte Schmitz und Hetav Tek.

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Our BNB Squad!

These seven Deputies managed to enter the 20th German Bundestag and State Parliaments thanks in part to the support of Brand New Bundestag.
Hier kann man die gewählten MdLs und MdBs sehen, die von BNB unterstützt wurden. Stand Januar 2023. Das beinhaltet Kassem Tahir-Saleh, Rasha Nasr, Lena Werner, Armand Zorn, Nelly Waldeck, Antje Grothus und Djenabou Diallo-Hartmann.


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